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Lodge 21 is the social branch (run independently) of the Bloomington Police Officers Federation.  It facilitates all social aspects of the Fraternal Order of Police, as the Bloomington Police Officers Federation facilitates the collective bargaining and professional aspects thereof.  The lodge does however represent the interests of law enforcement on an entirely different level, the political level.  Lodges are bound together through their affiliation with the Fraternal Order of Police, and collectively make up what is now the largest Law Enforcement voice in Washington with nearly 325,000 members.

As a fraternal organization our interests are those of our membership.  We look to provide help for those in need, both within our own Lodge and within the greater Fraternal Order of Police.  We look to raise money not only for social events but charitable efforts as well, as evidenced in our participation in the “Cop on Top” campaign to raise money for Special Olympics.

Incorporated in October of 2006, the Bloomington Police Officers Federation is as of now the newest addition to the Fraternal Order of Police in Minnesota, and hope that we are setting an example for other Police Departments to follow.  We feel that the representation and benefits afforded our Police Officer brethren are best served by the systems set forth by the Fraternal Order of Police.

We are looking for your support and hope that this website will, as it progresses, be able to answer questions you may have, as well as enlighten you to the many causes which this Lodge and the greater Law Enforcement community are involved. 

Lodge 21 in Louisville

Lodge 21 members attend National Convention

Bloomington Police Officers attended the 58th Biennial National Fraternal Order of Police Conference in Louisville Kentucky August 12th through the 16th. Two delegates and an Alternate joined over 4000 Officers from around the world to Discuss matters of interest and legislation affecting our profession.

Several important votes were presented to the Delegates. Former Sergeant at Arms Frank Gale was elected to the 2nd Vice Presidents position and Tim Downs was elected to the Sergeant at Arms position. The location for the 2011 National Conference was set for Salt Lake City Utah with a vote of 1600-1300 over Boston Ma. The 2009 National Conference will be held in Long Beach California.

The Keynote speaker was Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. Representing the Department of Justice, Gonzalez reaffirmed the support for Law Enforcement by the current administration. The Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao also spoke and expressed her continued commitment working for the rights of Officers as well as the creation of a scholarship program specifically for the spouses of fallen Officers.

Senator Mitch McConnell also gave a speech lending his support to Police Officers across the country.

Delegates were asked to vote on a current topic related to the FOP position with Tazer International and their sale of weapons to the public. It was agreed that a boycott or ban of this company could only hurt the organization. It was truly amazing to be on the delegate floor and participate in the process.

With nearly 325,000 members our organization is now the largest Law Enforcement voice in Washington; sadly however we are lagging behind other groups such as the Firefighters when it comes to PAC (political action committee) Funds. These funds are used to help elect or defeat officials, and to promote or defeat legislation that affects all our members. Please consider a contribution to this fund as an investment in you profession, details can be found on the Grand Lodge site at: http://www.grandlodgefop.org/

The Grand Lodge and Board of Trustees also proposed an increase in annual dues from the current $6.50 to $9.50. This is necessary to maintain a standard of excellence for growth and expansion of member services. This is a small price to pay my brothers and sisters for the amount of representation and protection you receive from the FOP.

The City of Louisville rolled out the red carpet for the FOP. With the cooperation of the Louisville Metro Police Department and the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department Delegates were treated to tours of the Louisville Slugger Factory, Makers Mark Distillery and a host of other activities.

It is the consensus of the Lodge Board that we would like to send members to conferences in the future. Should you have an interest in being a delegate or an alternate please contact a board member. A meeting packet is available for review for any member upon request. We are a new Lodge however we have made great strides in the short time of our existence. We will continue to move forward to represent our members, our department and our community in the future.

As a side note, please contact Senator’s Coleman and Klobuchar and ask for their vote for HR. 980 The Public Employer- Employee Cooperation Act in the upcoming session. This Bill would secure collective bargaining for all Police Officers.

Fraternally yours,

Don Rix- State Trustee- Bloomington Police Officers Lodge #21  


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